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Better than CAPTCHA

28 January 2013

The amount of spam that hits this site on a daily basis is pretty stag­ger­ing and annoyed me very much — but I grit my teeth and dealt with it because I didn’t want to make the few read­ers I have suf­fer through the making-your-eyes-bleed atro­cit­ies called CAPTCHA. Now I have found an altern­at­ive which not only doesn’t make your eyes bleed, it is also fun.

You want to make a com­ment on my site? You have to play a little game. Easy as that. Go on, try it out! :P

EDIT: How you can get cool spam pro­tec­tion, too:

Go to this web­site: http://areyouahuman.com/ and register for an account. The basic func­tion­al­ity is free. If your blog runs on Word­Press or Drupal you can down­load a plug-in that does the heavy lift­ing for you. Also, their instruc­tions are easy to fol­low.
There are also plug-ins for phpBB mes­sage boards, Invi­sion Power boards, and vbulletin.

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8 Comments to “Better than CAPTCHA

  1. I AM COMMENTING ON YOUR SITE! And play­ing your game.
    Tar­geter last pos­ted: Yeah, I’m *THAT* Asshole

  2. /me tries it.

    Lol, I like it.
    Shintar last pos­ted: The Second Smuggler

  3. Can­not res­ist… try­ing out… :)
    Ravanel Grif­fon last pos­ted: SWTOR: Flashy, save me!

  4. What game is this?

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