Lowered Expectations

DISCLAIMER: I recently went on anti-depressive med­ic­a­tion again, and that plays havoc with my abil­ity to con­cen­trate for the first weeks. So this art­icle is just me ram­bling more or less coher­ently. Please feel free to ask if I make no sense whatsoever.

I just fin­ished listen­ing to the latest TOR­Wars pod­cast and I came away more than a little dis­ap­poin­ted. There were two pieces of inform­a­tion that really put a dampener on my enthu­si­asm for the Makeb expan­sion: no more class story, and how SGRAs were implemented.

I really want to rage and flip tables about the first one, but my cur­rent men­tal health state just allows me to be *meh* about it. Story, espe­cially the inidividual class stor­ies were the reason I sub­scribed to the game. Stor­ies were the thing this game offered me, that other games didn’t. Now Bioware wants to cas­trate this fea­ture that set their game apart from all the other MMOs out there? Why? To me, this makes abso­lutely no sense.
This isn’t even an eco­nom­ic­ally sound decision. It might please the short term bean-counters, but on the long run, giv­ing up on indi­vidual story con­tent erodes the game’s dis­tinct­ive­ness. Why should I play SWTOR when I can have the same old dungeon/raid/pvp dance (for which I couldn’t care less, to be hon­est) in so many other games? Indi­vidual class stor­ies made for great replay­ab­il­ity. If you take that away the game loses much of its appeal to me and I lose a kick­ass argu­ment for recruit­ing other people into the game.
I’ll reserve my final judge­ment over this until I have played through Makeb with all my char­ac­ters — but what I took away from the pod­cast was that the storylines didn’t offer much dif­fer­en­ti­ation for classes. You get two dis­tinct­ive stor­ies — one for each side — and that’s it. From what I heard, the stor­ies are both very well done, though.

The other thing are SGRs. Looks like there will be two “big” SGR choices on Makeb a female/female one for the Repub­lic side, and a male/male one for Empire. Dig­ging around on the for­ums made me stumble over some mum­blings that there are other one-off flirts, too.
I am torn about this. On the one hand: FUCK YEAH FINALLY! On the other hand: REALLY?! That’s the best you could come up with? Both reac­tions are cur­rently duk­ing it out in my head. I think the more optim­istic one is cur­rently win­ning because I still hope that this is only just the begin­ning and that we will see more SGRA con­tent added to the game which will bal­ance out everything nicely. I def­in­itely do not agree with people say­ing “That’s as good as it gets!” and I will vehe­mently fight for improve­ment in this area of the game. And I am not alone.

Am I look­ing for­ward to RotHC? Yes, I do. The little bits and pieces that I allowed myself to see — I am hor­ribly afraid of spoil­ers, you see — made me eager to get my hands on the new con­tent. This eager­ness was slapped down pretty hard by today’s news, though. Still look­ing for­ward, but much less enthu­si­astic. HELP, I think I turn into a jaded old MMO coot. :(

So, read­ers, can I have some of your opin­ions here?

P.S: And now I am off to level my only male Imp, Hadúr the Imper­ial Agent. On The Pro­gen­itor. Feel free to say hello!